1. I do not know how to register

    To sign up, you should fill in all the details, confirm your email and log in into your account.

  2. Will it take long to register?

    No, the registration form is very simple and short. In addition, the registration and use of the platform is free of charge.

  3. Can I be a Xometry Europe production partner if I don't have a VAT number or a company?

    Yes, you can! The main legal point of your future cooperation with Xometry Europe is to be able to issue official invoices for performed orders.
    So, you need to register yourself as an individual entrepreneur or as a small business. In this case on your invoices should be the following text: “The supplier is not VAT payer” or “Small business – VAT not applicable”.
    The net sum will be equal to the gross sum (VAT 0%).

  4. I want to find an order from Germany (Hungary, Spain), but I do not know German (Hungarian, Spanish)

    We take care of all the communication so you don’t need to worry about it. We send all of the information in English anyway.

  5. My company is very small, can I still join?

    Of course! We work with companies of any size, please feel free to join!

  6. You say that everything is free, but I’ll need to pay for something eventually?

    Absolutely not, you really don't pay for anything. We don’t have a trial period for the platform or membership fees and there are no hidden costs. Using the platform is absolutely free.

  7. What if I choose an order that’s located really far away from me?

    No problem! We will arrange transport and take care of communication. You don’t need to stress, even if the client is located on another continent.

  8. We love what you do, how can we communicate with you more often?

    We care about our Partners and we have a number of tools that allow us to stay in touch with you. Please feel free to contact us anytime via email, messenger in your Partner account or by following us on Facebook.