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How to Use Xometry Instant Quoting Engine

Xometry Europe's instant quoting platform enables you to get quotes for your CNC machining, 3D printing, and sheet metal fabrication needs in a few seconds.

Here’s a detailed instruction on how you can get a quote with price and lead time, modify your quotations and place orders.

How to Get an Instant Quote

You can obtain a quote by following a few simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the instant quoting platform at my.xometry.de/quote and upload your 3D model(s) by clicking on the Upload model button. A full list of supported file formats can be found here. If you are using a desktop, you can upload files using drag-and-drop.  

Step 2: After uploading your files, click Next to proceed to the next stage where you can set your manufacturing requirements. 

Step 3: Select your preferred manufacturing process, material, and part quantity. Note that at this stage you see only basic manufacturing options. More options would become accessible later on.

If you uploaded several models that have different requirements, don’t worry about the current selection. You will be able to modify preferences later on.

Step 4: The next stage requires you to fill in your full name, job title, email, phone number, and preferred language. This information will be used to communicate with you on your projects. 

Next, your uploaded models are analysed individually along with the selected manufacturing processes. The time this takes depends on the size and complexity of your model(s). It ranges from a few seconds to a minute.

If there are any problems with the uploaded model(s), you would be prompted immediately. Common problems include: part is too large for the selected process, unsupported file format, and invalid model (assembly). Should there be no way around any discovered problem or you don’t have a 3D model, you are advised to use manual quoting.

Step 5: After the calculation is performed, a quote is displayed in a text box containing number of items, number of parts required, overall value, and delivery options.

Step 6: Beneath the quote box, the models are displayed individually along with the file name, a thumbnail, selected manufacturing options, and individual price. You can delete an uploaded model here.

Step 7: Recall that the quote displayed at this point was generated using only the few manufacturing options available during sign up. To access the full list of manufacturing options, click on the Modify part button.

Modifying Quotes and Adding Manufacturing Options

Clicking on the Modify part icon opens up a window containing a detailed list of options.

Here (8), you can select manufacturing process, material, part quantity, finishing, tolerance, additional features, surface, roughness, processing speed (express or standard) and many more. For each option you select, the price is adjusted in real-time.

To provide more details on a part, you can upload accompanying PDF and picture files (9). While these do not affect the quote, they provide the manufacturers with more details and are necessary for certain manufacturing options such as threads and tapped holes.

Once you are satisfied with your selections, return to the quote page. The quote is automatically updated to reflect any changes. For multiple uploaded models, repeat the above processes for each part to get an overall quote. Next, add your address to include the shipping cost. You can then download a PDF file of your quote for further review or presentation by clicking the Download PDF button (10). Note that the price generated in your quote would remain valid in an unconfirmed order for a maximum of 30 days.

Ordering Parts

Go through your order to confirm that everything is as it should be. When you are satisfied, click on the Confirm Order button to finalise the process.

A pop-up (12) would be displayed, informing you on the next steps. Please note that once confirmed, your order cannot be modified. After confirming the order you will be asked to verify your delivery address and choose your payment option. We offer various payment options such as PayPal, bank card, Sofort, Giropay and regular invoices.

Payment options at Xometry Europe

Once all these have been confirmed, we would immediately start processing your order. All you have to do is relax and wait for your high-quality parts to be delivered right to your doorstep by the estimated delivery date! We would regularly update you on the status of your project throughout the production process.

Get your first instant quote right now.