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Xometry Europe now offers free delivery of 3D printed parts

Munich – 3D printed parts are currently enjoying a huge production boom. Whether it’s for industry, crafts or hobbyists, additive manufactured parts are being used more and more. This exciting technology has been given a big boost by the innovative option of digital commissioning offered by the on-demand manufacturing services provider Xometry Europe. As one of the world’s largest providers of its kind, Xometry Europe is helping further accelerate the growth of this technology by waiving delivery fees for the 3D printing orders it processes.

Xometry Europe is the market leader in the young field of on-demand manufacturing. Its intelligent platform automates the sourcing of custom and serial parts. Xometry gives customers on-demand access to 2000 suppliers throughout Europe and to numerous technical processes and materials. The platform automatically searches for free capacities for each order, meaning orders can be processed at short notice. Tricky tenders and the tedious search for suppliers are now a thing of the past! 

This convenient way of placing orders delights our customers, who include purchasers in industrial groups,  engineers in medium-sized companies, and research institute employees. Clients simply upload a CAD file of the desired part on their PC and usually receive the finished product within a few days. With free delivery, this option is now even more attractive! 

Xometry Europe offers numerous additive processes. These range from HP Multi Jet Fusion to Selective Laser Sintering and Polyjet to the highly attractive Carbon DLS technology. The suppliers also represent the entire spectrum of the rapidly growing 3D printing market.

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