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Data Engineer (m/f/x)

We are expanding our IT team and looking for a Data Engineer who can support our efforts in data-driven decisions and business-process optimization across the organization. This position is remote full-time and includes active feature ownership: we expect the person in this position to own all data transformation processes that streamline data from multiple business and analytical systems into trustful, meaningful and coherent data models to empower end-users (Management and Data Analysts) with insights and data-driven decisions.

Who we are?

We are Xometry Europe: Xometry is a rapidly growing startup that is transforming international manufacturing. Our proprietary instant quoting technology and international network of manufacturers provides a streamlined on-demand manufacturing experience that is unparalleled in the market. We offer CNC processing, sheet metal processing, 3D printing and other production methods to the customers ranging from largest organizations like BMW, NASA, Bosch, General Electric to SMB and even individuals. The European part of the business has grown from 10 to 120 people in 3 years and is keeping the pace.

The platform – xometry.eu

The platform (ERP system for business management + Customer front + Suppliers front) is based on Ruby on Rails/PostgreSQL stack, Typescript/React frontend, Python modules and integrations with 3rd party solutions via APIs. Data stack is now based on Snowflake / Airflow & dbt / Looker. Currently, the European tech team is 17 people in size and we prefer keeping it small and blazing fast. We serve all European business operations which are independent of the US business served by another tech team of ~80. We are building the uber-like platform for manufacturing, deploying updates every day,  so there is a lot of interesting work to be done.


  • Take ownership, build & maintain the layer of meaningful and coherent data mart tables/models that hide application level complexity from end-users and help them to self-service their decisions.
  • ETL/ELT multiple data sources (ERP, CRM, payment systems, accounting systems, analytics, mailings, etc.) into Snowflake to provide both meaningful data marts and correctness checks / discrepancy alerting processes to prevent data corruption and systems malfunction.
  • Create and maintain simple data models using BI platform Looker, educate and encourage teams and management to apply a data-driven approach. Make it really simple for our users to answer 2 key questions: What happened in the past? What is happening now?
  • Contribute to data warehouse development, maintaining high data quality, helping developers with data transformations, integrations, ETL, etc. Prepare data for batching, streaming, machine learning.
  • Taking part in the analytical efforts helping with the 3rd key question: What will happen in the future?

Successful candidate has

  • 3+ years of experience as data engineer
  • Understanding the target picture of DWH, technologies and processes around it: CI/CD, unit-testing, data checks, dependency graph of ETL-processes, SOX-rules, etc.
  • Proven records of developing data models and maintaining DWH. We use Snowflake & Looker but the experience with similar systems also counts.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in SQL & Python, solid experience with data pipeline architecture.
  • Understanding web development tech stack, APIs, programming background is also a plus.
  • Team player experienced in cross-functional teams, sufficient English for an international company.
  • Ready to work in a startup environment with continuously evolving goals.

Work conditions

  • Russian speaking remote tech team in a large international company.
  • Successful startup (110 people in Europe) inside the world market leader (500+ people in total).
  • Home Office full-time / a long-term contract as Individual Entrepreneur.
  • Relocation to Munich, Germany is possible in a 1-year perspective.
  • Compensation (fixed in euro) is negotiable with each candidate.

Please send your application to Alexander Belskiy at abelskiy@xometry.de or / and  Veronika Smirnova at vsmirnova@xometry.de