Aluminium 2007 / 3.1645 / AlCuMgPb

Alternative Designations: EN AW–2007 | AlCu4PbMgMn | AA2007 (ANSI/AA) | L-3121 (UNE) | A92007 (UNS) | A2007 (JIS) | 4355 (SIS)

Price range:
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This is a short chipped aluminum alloy containing between 4.0 – 5.0% copper. It is very suitable for high machining speeds and ideal for threading. In addition to copper, it also contains magnesium and lead. This material is commonly used for the production of machine parts, bolts and nuts. However, its copper content gives it low weldability and low resistance to corrosion.

Key Features

Weldable • Strong • Can be anodised

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