Steel 1.1191 / XC48H1 / C45E

Alternative Designations: 1045 (AISI) | Ck45 (DIN) | S45C (JIS) | XC45 (AFNOR) | 080M46 (BS)

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Steel C45E / 1.1191 is a medium carbon steel with good strength and toughness. It has a higher than average hardenability and is suitable for applications requiring moderate wear resistance. The steel is suitable for case hardening and can be surface hardened by carburising, cyaniding or nitriding. It can be machined in all states, either annealed or normalized, and is readily weldable. The steel can be surface hardened by carburizing, cyaniding or nitriding.

Key Features

Excellent machinability • Good resistance against wear • High strength

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