Aluminium 7075 / 3.4365 / Al-Zn6MgCu

Alternative Designations: EN-AW7075 | Al-Zn6MgCu (ISO) | AA7075 (ANSI/AA) | 2L95 (BS) | A-Z5GU (AFNOR) | L-3710 (UNE) | A97075 (UNS) | A7075 (JIS) | ZG62 (CSA)

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Aluminium 7075 is zinc and magnesium alloyed aluminium with good strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance. With a density of only 2.81g/cm³, it is also one of the lightest alloys in commercial production. It is the primary alloying element. It has high strength (540 MPa), toughness, and excellent resistance to fatigue. The surface can either be mill finished or brush finished. It has very good machinability. It is extensively used in the structural parts for aircraft.

Key Features

High strength • Tough • Resistant to fatigue • Excellent machinability

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