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eBook: CNC Machining Design Guide

With all of today’s innovative CNC machining capabilities, it’s important to understand the strengths and trade-offs of this process. Download our guide for CNC manufacturability recommendations to optimize your designs, reduce machining time, and lower your costs.
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Guide content

  1. Overview
    • What is CNC machining?
  2. CNC Manufacturing Standards
    • General Manufacturing Standards
    • General Tolerances
    • Part Tolerances
    • Size Limitations
  3. Design Guidelines
    • Part Complexity
    • Fillets
    • Holes
    • Pockets and Cavities
    • Wall Thickness
    • Threads & Tapped Holes
    • Embossed & Engraved Text
    • Undercuts
  4. Materials and Post-Processing
    • Metal Materials
    • Plastic & Composite Materials
    • Inserts
    • Part Markings
    • Finishes
  5. Additional Resources
    • Quick Design Reference Chart
    • Additional Resources at Xometry

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